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Wheel Alignments

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Wheel Alignments in Boulder, CO

Check out our new extra long alignment rack!

Wheel Alignments in Boulder, CO

Pictured Above: Our Hoffman Geoliner™ 790 Alignment Rack in action with a Chevy crew cab long bed truck.

Solve all your alignment woes at Tires Inc & Imported Auto Parts We use some of the finest alignment equipment in the automotive industry to provide precise wheel alignments on cars, trucks, and SUVs.

  • Hunter Hawkeye Elite: Designed for most modern, everyday passenger vehicles
  • Hoffman Geoliner™ 790: Designed for very low to the ground vehicles, performance cars, and long trucks; perfect for F-150s, Silverados, etc.

If it's time for an alignment, contact us to set up your appointment. Call (303) 449-3470 to talk with us or schedule your appointment online. If you're not sure you need a two-wheel alignment or four-wheel alignment, stop over during our business hours. We'll check your vehicle out and let you know if you have an alignment issue or something else.

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Why Fix Your Alignment Problems with Us?

We understand your challenges and provide the expert service you need.

  • Improve safety: Fix tracking problems that cause your vehicle to drift right or left when going straight
  • Extend tire life: Stop irregular tire wear that ruins tires before their time
  • Be confident: Know you're getting quality service on alignment equipment made for your vehicle type
  • Enjoy service: Receive service from a  friendly and competent staff ready to help you
  • Save money: Keep more green in your wallet with our competitive alignment prices
  • Save time: It all adds up! Knowledgable Technicians + Advanced Equipment = Timely Service

Hunter Hawkeye Elite

The Hunter HawkEye Elite Alignment System allows us to get accurate measurements and make precise adjustments, ensuring you get a perfect alignment every time.

Our technicians are able to fix alignment problems in record time thanks to the Hawkeye Elite. Finding alignment issues can be done with a brief, 90-second procedure. We will:

  • Scan the VIN and select the vehicle.
  • Install targets to capture measurements.
  • Make adjustments.

Why go anywhere else for your next alignment service, when you can take advantage of Hunter equipment in your area?

Hoffman Geoliner™ 790

The Hoffman Geoliner™ 790 is designed to make solving wheel alignment problems easy. This long alignment rack allows us to provide truck alignments and high performance alignments.

  • Increases Speed & Productivity
    • Wireless communication improves technician mobility
    • Provides readings in less than 2 minutes
    • Camera tracks height eliminating the need for manual adjustments
  • Provides accurate results
    • Detects mismatched tire sizes
    • Detects frame or structural issues
    • Updates vehicle specification database with latest information

The Hoffman Geoliner™ 790 allows us to provide proper alignments for trucks and performance vehicles in a timely manner. In a service where precision is everything, you can't ask for better than getting machine-accurate results on equipment made for your vehicle. We believe our customers deserve the best service we can give which is why we bought our equipment.

Interested in a two-wheel alignment or four-wheel alignment? Call (303) 449-3470 or contact us today to set up your service or request more information.

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