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Tire Storage

We can store your tires at Tires Inc & Imported Auto Parts

Tired of hauling your tires to and from the tire shop? Do you lack room in your garage to store your tires?

Tire Storage Benefits

  • Convenience: Save time each season when you're ready to switch tires; simply come back to swap your set. No more heavy-lifting or dirty clothes that comes with handling your summer or winter tires.
  • Save Space: Your home or garage wasn't built with tire storage in mind. Our service center was made for it. Save space and relax knowing your tires are stored properly in a safe environment.
  • Avoid Hassle: Why struggle to get your seasonal tires in the car and to our shop for installation, then bring your out-of-season tires back home? It's time consuming and not a lot fun. Plus you might dirty the inside of your car. Let our technicians handle your tires instead.
  • Proper Storage: Tire stored incorrectly won't last as long. Don't worry about leaks and sunlight damaging your set while your tires are stored with us. We keep your tires safe.
  • Affordable: Our tire storage solution is affordable, so you don't have to worry about budgeting a large amount of money to keep your tires dry and safe while eliminating hassle on your end.
  • Experience: We store 4,000 tires annually for our customers

When you're ready for tire storage, simply bring your car in and we'll have your in-season tires ready to install. No hassle, no mess. Ask a sales person for details.

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